Women's Floral Dresses With Belt

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Dresses Women's Floral Printed Boho Bodycon Off Shoulder Short Sleeve Ruffle Party Beach 
Φορέματα Γυναικεία Floral τυπωμένα Boho Bodycon Off ώμου Κοντομάνικο Ruffle Party Beach 

  Bust(cm/inch) Sleeve(cm/inch) Waist(cm/inch) Length(cm/inch)
Size:S 82-96cm/32.3-37.8" 15cm/5.9" 58-72cm/22.8-28.4" 94cm/37.0"
Size:M 86-100cm/33.9-39.4" 16cm/6.3" 62-76cm/24.4-29.9" 95cm/37.4"
Size:L 90-104cm/35.4-41.0" 17cm/6.7" 66-80cm/26.0-31.5" 96cm/37.8"
Size:XL 94-108cm/37.0-42.5" 18cm/7.1" 70-84cm/27.6-33.1" 97cm/38.2"
Note: Please allow 1cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.


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